Ecclesiology: A Study in Church History

In an era of rapid social change and of notable attitudinal shifts, the contemporary Catholic Church has been challenged to reflect upon, and to articulate its self-understanding in ways that are faithful to its tradition and, at the same time, comprehensible to people today, open to the insights of secular disciplines, and alert to needs for justice and compassion.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Ecclesiology and Church History
Images of Church before the 2nd Vatican Council
Images of Church After the 2nd Vatican Council
Avery Dulles' Models of the Church
An Eight Module History of the Church from Apostolic Days to the Present:

From Jesus to the End of the 1st Century

The 2nd and 3rd Century

The 4th and 5th Century

The 6th to the 10th Century

The 11th to the 13th Century

The 14th to the 16th Century

From the 17th to the 20th Century

Australian Catholicism: A Brief History
The Challenge of Being Church Today?

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